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About ISGC

To cultivate a community centered on submission and sincerity to Allah, The Almighty.

The Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte (ISGC) is a non-profit organization and religious community center that was established in the 1990s by local muslims living in Charlotte. Through the hard work and dedication of numerous volunteers, donors and members, the masjid has grown to what you see today.

ISGC works to serve the needs of Muslims in the larger Charlotte area through engaging in worship in its Masjid-al-Mustafa, performing sacred rites and rituals, sharing education and knowledge, giving in charity, and doing service, outreach, and civic engagement in the larger community. The intention is to foster holistic growth of our ummah through meeting all and any needs concerning Muslims and creating pathways of return to Allah, the Almighty.


Proper Islamic knowledge through programs and seminars.


Build community to serve each other and grow as believers together.

Spiritual Practice

Congregational Prayers for all of our daily prayers.